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Michelle has really done a lot of research on adoptive families. In doing so, she found that there is a community of Coloradoans that are on the same journey as us. She found a forum on the Internet and began to make some connections with other parents.

Last Thursday, we got together with a couple of them at a Highlands Ranch music event. One couple is a bit further along in the process (they should clear court any time now). Another mom was there, and she had her 3-year-old daughter, Tigist, with her. What a treat….it was my first experience watching, listening to, and interacting with an Ethiopian girl. Very sweet personality, social and quite happy. It really solidified for me that we are doing the right thing! She was full of hugs for all of us… the most funny being that when she hugged Wesley, she wanted to kiss him…he would have none of that!

Anyway, it was nice to know that there are others around us on this same journey.  And the Country Music was good, too.



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Our homestudy is finally off to state (after having to make some WACAP required changes this past week). So, timeframe from homestudy review to it being sent off to state — one-and-a-half weeks. But the paperchase is not over! We still have many documents that have been notarized but still need “verification.” We need a local police report (even though we’ve already been background-checked by the feds, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico), and we have to have our “application letter” approved by WACAP (even though they won’t call me back). Thank you to our “reference letter” writers. I now have all of those and can send them off for state verification. It’s moving along — but slowly!

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