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Its been a while…

Its been over a month since we’ve posted, but that is kind of the name of the game right now.  However, things are happening…

We have finally completed all the necessary paperwork to submit our “dossier” to the agency and various governments.  We are officially approved by the State of Colorado and the US government to proceed on our journey.  This dossier will be sent in to the Agency today or Monday, they will review it for completeness (which it is) and, assuming their approval, we will be at the stage of waiting for a referral (which will likely take many months).  Then again, who knows…

Michelle met some local folks recently who have been through the process.  They came home from Ethiopia last week, but we haven’t talked with them yet; need to give them some decompression time. We are curious about their experience.

Later this week, we are attending two day-long adoption classes that are required by the State (hence, Grammy and Papa are coming into town to help watch Everett while we do this).  We will have one more day-long class after that, but then we will be completely done with requirements on us.

Looking forward to the next step!


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